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What is Mobile App Attribution?

August 27, 2022

Marketers should avoid relying solely on single-touch attribution models. Last-touch undervalues any awareness generated by marketing touchpoints from blog posts, social media, or other influential marketing messages. These channels play a huge part in building your brand and are a valuable component of any marketing strategy. As we mentioned, a user journey from click to conversion may involve multiple advertising channels.

mobile advertising attribution

However, when compared side by side, or in conjunction with an algorithmic attribution model, marketers can better understand where to invest their marketing budgets to optimize revenue generation. Mobile Measurement Partners deal with mobile attribution and use mainly two attribution models, last touch attribution what is mobile attribution and view-through attribution. That’s why the iPhone makers also introduced their own attribution technology, Skadnetwork, which allows deterministic attribution but shares less data about users, preserving their privacy. It’s a simple tool that helps you see where your conversions come from, i.e., their source.

The benefits of using multiple attribution models include:

This could involve making changes to your attribution model or adjusting the way you track certain metrics. For example, if you’re noticing a discrepancy in downloads, you might want to change the attribution model from last-click to first-click. Once you’ve set up mobile attribution for your business and identified the essential KPIs, it’s time to start measuring and optimizing.

mobile advertising attribution

This will help you identify areas where improvements can be made to maximize user engagement and conversions for each specific cohort. For example, for dormant users, you might want to focus on creating more engaging content or offer incentives for them to come back. Once you’ve identified and addressed any discrepancies, it’s time to optimize your mobile attribution for maximum ROI.

Full-Path Attribution

Knowing which events are happening more often than others can help you identify areas where users are most engaged and any changes you might need to make. With the help of retention reports, you can see how well your app is doing in terms of user engagement and harness the best customer retention strategies. As you set up mobile attribution for your business, there are a few best practices that you should keep in mind.

mobile advertising attribution

FotoxyClick users use that app primarily to edit photos they will upload to Instagram – allowing them to add filters and adjust exposure, brilliance, shadows, and all that good stuff. Time-decay attribution – also a type of multi-touch attribution – allows marketers to assign increasing value to more recent touches while less weight is given to earlier touches. This will enable advertisers to focus on high conversion-driving touch points, which often influence decision-making. Headquartered in Redwood City, CA and with offices around the globe, Branch has raised more than $330M from investors such as NEA, Founders Fund and Playground Ventures. Once you’ve identified any data discrepancies, you can start to address them.

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It can be hard to determine who was responsible for a free app install or a paid app purchase. That said, there is a popular methodology for attribution tracking known as device fingerprinting. Firstly, you will need to weigh the pros and cons of each attribution model by asking yourself what marketing goals you want to achieve.

mobile advertising attribution

Like most other tools, it offers multi-touch attribution, with which you gain insight into each touchpoint and see how it affects your marketing campaigns. Adjust is a mobile measurement company and it’s another one of the top-rated mobile attribution tools perfect for mobile companies. It helps you grasp the entire user journey, across many different channels. Today apps reach out to all the places where the target audience is, and the best media is ads.

Mobile Attribution: The Definitive Guide for eCommerce Businesses

Rich media ads include multimedia interactive elements and are designed to grab the users’ attention and encourage them to take action. These ads are appealing, engaging and create a memorable brand experience. Types of mobile ads you can use as part of your mobile advertising campaign. In the first case, you can be a marketer working for a brand and you’re looking to promote the products/services through a mobile ads campaign. What you can do is contact an advertising agency so they can help you craft and deploy this specific campaign. With Google Analytics you can track the performance of your campaign in real-time and collect insights about the user journey, see where they abandoned or converted, and make changes for future campaigns.

  • Once you know how mobile attribution works, it’s time to start setting up one of the best mobile attribution tools for your business.
  • In this way, mobile marketers gain precise insights about which mobile ads pay off and which do not.
  • This is done by giving equal weight to all touchpoints and recognizes that it takes a variety of interactions to convert a customer.
  • So, if a customer sees an ad, clicks on it, and then makes a purchase, each of those three interactions would get an equal weighting in the attribution model.
  • What makes Kochava unique among mobile attribution platforms is their Marketers Operating System or m/OS.
  • Another challenge to ensuring safe attribution is that the mobile ecosystem has various operating systems, for example, iOS and Android, so marketers must deal with the specifics of each of them.
  • However, multi-touch attribution is not as popular as with ad networks as both Apple SAdNetwork and Android use last-click attribution.

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How to Avoid Mobile Attribution Manipulation?

Open integration framework, we offer 100% network coverage and thousands of attribution integrations. This in-depth article is meant to guide you and give you all the instruments you need to advertise your brand online, as well as the courage to navigate this constantly evolving industry. There’s one positive impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on the world and that is the development of the e-commerce industry. Due to restrictions, many people discovered how easy shopping can be from the comfort of their sofa.

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Core – Offers 250,000 annual attributions, which makes it great for medium-sized businesses. That, in turn, allows you to optimize your advertising budget accordingly. Because of that, it is extremely important how fast installs are attributed. It’s important to note that the type of reporting depends on the type of mobile game we’re working with, as we have different campaign goals for different games. Third, it doesn’t account for the fact that some touchpoints (such as word-of-mouth recommendations) may have a longer-lasting impact than others.

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