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Web Security & OWASP Top 10 Course

August 20, 2021

This OWASP Course Curriculum covers practical scenarios and examples of OWASP Certification topics and will help you learn how best to implement the OWASP Top 10 at your workplace. There are no strict prerequisites for this course, but it is an intermediate level, so some prior experience with web security will be helpful. The following agenda is based on a full day workshop including lecture. Involvement in the development and promotion of Secure Coding Dojo is actively encouraged! You do not have to be a security expert or a programmer to contribute. Choose from convenient delivery formats to get the training you and your team need – where, when and how you want it.

Incorrectly implemented authentication and session management calls can be a huge security risk. If attackers notice these vulnerabilities, they may be able to easily assume legitimate users’ identities. Scanning is the most common first step for prioritizing vulnerabilities for remediation. However, scans often turn up far more vulnerabilities than a security team can address. The standard Common Vulnerability Scoring System is a good starting point for prioritization. This system typically scores results, accounting for the type of attack, complexity, and level of access.

Cryptographic failures

For these, it’s important to turn off auto-completing forms, encrypt data both in transit and at rest with up-to-date encryption techniques, and disable caching on data collection forms. The developers improved their ability to find and fix vulnerabilities in code and improved by an average of 452%. Learn what to do and avoid—as modern app development, software re-use, and architectural sprawl across clouds increases this risk.

With Security Journey’s AppSec Education Platform, your developers will learn how to identify and fix OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities through comprehensive lessons and hands-on activities. We need to always confirm the users’ identity, authentication, and session management. The Secure Coding Dojo is a training platform which can be customized to integrate with custom vulnerable websites and other CTF challenges. The project was initially developed at Trend Micro and was donated to OWASP in 2021. Using our learning experience platform, Percipio, your learners can engage in custom learning paths that can feature curated content from all sources.

Machine Learning for Robotics

A software technology company with over 41 million records of end-user data wanted a training solution to meet PCI secure coding requirements. An ongoing secure coding training program with integrated common DevSecOps tools and easy-to-use administrative tools makes life easier for everyone involved in the training process. This new risk category focuses on making assumptions related to software updates, critical data, and CI/CD pipelines without verifying integrity.

  • This system typically scores results, accounting for the type of attack, complexity, and level of access.
  • This is a broad topic that can lead to sensitive data exposure or system compromise.
  • This tutorial assumes the reader has basic knowledge of serverless and security concepts.
  • Implement input validation, only accept requests in IPv4 or IPv6 format, and validate incoming domain names.
  • Failing to log errors or attacks and poor monitoring practices can introduce a human element to security risks.

The OWASP Top 10 is a list of the 10 most common web application security risks. By writing code and performing robust testing with these risks in mind, developers can create secure applications that keep their users’ confidential data safe from attackers. Use trusted repositories and apply adequate segregation and access control to the CI/CD pipeline.

What will you learn in this OWASP Training Course?

Penetration testing is a great way to find areas of your application with insufficient logging too. Just like misconfigured access controls, more general security configuration errors are huge risks that give attackers quick, easy access to sensitive data and site areas. Configuration errors and insecure access control practices are hard to detect as automated processes cannot always test for them.

What is the full form of OWASP certification?

Definition. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to improving software security.

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